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#6 The Syllabus

Welcome back to PhD Tips! This tip is for all students learning in academic institutions that require professors to hand out a syllabus at the beginning of the course!  Today's Ph.D. Tip is from Cliff Freeman, a first-year Ph.D. student at Boston University...

#5 PhD Tips with Lashae Williams

Today on Ph.D. Tips, we are joined by Lashae William, a 2nd-year doctoral candidate at Drexel University studying clinical psychology with an emphasis in pediatric neuropsychology. Lashae's Tips for future PhD students are empowering and inspirational for anyone, but...

#4 PhD Tips with Jay Withers

Today, we have Jay Withers on PhD Tips! We spoke about course loads, day to day life as a PhD student, and what it feels like to be a PhD student during the pandemic. Jay Withers, originally from Little Rock Arkansaw, is a 2nd-year black graduate student in a doctoral...

#3 PhD Tips With Dr. Sharde M. Davis

Today on Ph.D. Tips, Dr. Sharde M. Davis shares her wisdom, insight, and Ph.D. Tips! The three major topics of discussion were Research Sabbaticals,  Mentorship, and PhD Tips that will help students succeed.   At the time of the recording, Dr. Davis is...

#2 How to Start your Dissertation Now

In this episode, Cliff Freeman, Phd student at Boston University, studying Math and Science, will share a tip that is helping him write his dissertation in year 0! If consistent, this tip enables PhD students who are transitioning into dissertation writing an easy...

#1 Organized Research

Today’s featured PhD Tip is getting your Research Organized! Cliff Freeman, a PhD student at Boston University, studying Math And Science, shares his experience using Zotero, an efficient way to keep track of all his research throughout his academic journey. Zotero is...

you are what you consume. #PhdTips

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